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Haweswater is such a draw it may be hard to leave, but leave we must.

Haweswater is now one of the largest lakes at 4 miles long and 1/2 mile wide and has a maximum depth of 200 feet. It is the most easterly of the lakes and has no settlements on its shores. A concrete dam, 1550 feet wide and 120 feet high was built, and this raised the lake level by 95 feet.

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All the farms and houses of the villages of Mardale and Measand and the Dun Bull Inn were pulled down. Coffins were removed from the graveyard and buried elsewhere, and Mardale church was demolished. At times of drought, when the water level is low, many people go back to see what is left of the village of Mardale.

During the heatwave of 2018, the level of the water dropped so much the remains of the village ‘Mardale’ reappeared as if a ghost had returned. The sight was quite eerie, to say the least.

What we will be seeing soon is equally eerie, but it is an absolutely splendid way to spend an hour or two.

Ride back along the shores of Haweswater give you a totally different perspective and shows you just why I call it a ‘hidden gem’.

Just follow the road until you come to the sign saying ‘SHAP’ and follow this route through the splendid countryside and, over a bridge. As you rise up the hill and it levels out it isn’t much further. You MUST keep your eyes open because a sign, pointing right, appears shortly saying ‘Shap Abbey’. Turn to follow this route and do not fret as you go over the cattle grid and ride over concrete slabs, the slabs are the road going downhill. You may well wonder where you are heading and then coming into view on your left the Abbey appears. What a splendid sight and in amongst scenery that will take your breath away.

Motorbike Tours Cumbria Shap Abbey

Motorbike Tours Cumbria Shap Abbey


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